McDonald's Loose Toys

Grimace Comb--$4

1983 Astrosniks-Scout--$10

1983 Winter Worlds Ornaments-Ronald, Hamburglar--$6ea; Mayor--$10ea

1984 Astrosniks-Copter--$10; Perfido(some slight rub or fade through on back of cape.  It is not noticible unless you inspect it very closely)--$9

1985 Fast Macs-Big Mac in Police Car(some light yellowing on car)$2; birdie--$3ea

1986 Muppet Babies-Fozzie on Horse, Ms. Piggy in PinkConvertible, Kermit on Skateboard, Gonzo on Tricycle--$3ea

1987 Berenstain bears-Mama, Brother, Baby--$4ea

1987 Food Robots-Milk shake, Lg fries, Egg McMuffin, McNugget, Big Mac, Cone, Cheeseburger, Hotcakes, Quarter Pounder--$2ea

1987 Little Engineer-Grimace Purple Streak(missing sticker on wheels)-$5

1988 Bambi-Thumper,Owl, Flower--$3ea

1988 Fraggle Rock-Red in Radish, Mokey in Eggplant--$1

1988 Mickey Birthday Land-Mickey's Roadster, Minnie's Convertible, Donald's Engine, Pluto Rumbler--$3ea

1988 McNugget Buddies-Tennis Player, Scuba Diver,Popcorn Vendor(beige belt)--$4ea

1988 Oliver & Co.-Oliver, Dodger, Francis, Georgette--$2ea

1989 Funny Fry Friends-ZZZ, Rollin Rocker, Gadzooks--$3ea``

1989 Garfield-On Skateboard, In 4-Wheeler, On motorcycle with Odie in Side Car, On Scooter --$3ea

1989 Mix-em up monsters-Corkie(shows some very light wear); Thugger, Gropple--$2ea

1989 Jungle Book-Baloo, Kaa, Shere Khan, King Louie the Monkey--$2ea

1989 Little Gardener-Watering Can--$4ea

1989 Little Mermaid-Flounder, Ariel w/seahorse, Ursula--$1.50

1989 Raggety Ann and Andy-Grouchy on Carousel, Camel on See-Saw, Raggety Ann--$7ea

1990 Food Robots-McNuggets, Hotcakes, Lg Fries, Milk shake, cone, Big Mac, Happy meal--$1ea

1990 Good Morning-Clock--$2ea

1990 Piggsburg Piggs-Piggy & Quackers on Skate Racer--$5ea

1990 Mighty Mini-Pocket Pick-up, Li'l Classic T Bird, Cargo Climber Van, Dune Buster--$4ea

1990 Muppet Babies Connectibles-Gonzo, Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Fozzie--$5ea

1990 Tailspins-Kits Racing Plane, Molly's Biplane, Wildcat Flying machine, Baloos Seaplane--$1ea

1990 Resuers Down Under-Cody, Bernard and Bianca, Jake, Wilber--$3ea

1990 Rescue Rangers-Dales Roto Roadster, Gadgets Rescue Racer, Chips Whirley Copter--$5ea

1990 Tiny Toon Flip Cars-Montana Max/Go Go Do Do, Hampton/Dizzy Devil, Elmyra/Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny--$1ea

1990 Tom& Jerry Band-Tom(no keyboard), Droopy no mike--$2ea; Spike with Bass, Jerry with drums--$5

1990 Turbo Macs-Hamburglar--$4

1991 Batman Returns-Frisbee Bat Disc--$2

1991 Hook-Hook, Rufio, Wind up mermaid--$2ea

1991 Yo Yogi-Yogi, Huckleberry Hound, Boo Boo, Cindy--$3ea

1991 Mac Tonight-Black Motorscooter, Red Car, Blue Plane, Black Motorcycle, Green Jeep, Jet Ski--$2ea; Blue Plane w Blue Sunglasses--$4ea

1991 Michael Jordan Fitness Fun-Stopwatch, Football--$3

1991 Mighty Mini-Dune Buster, Cargo climber Van, Pocket Pickup--$2ea

1991 Barbies-First Barbie, Costume Barbie, All American, Lights & Lace, Wedding Day Midge, First Barbie, Happy Birthday, Ice Capades, --$2ea

1991 Super Mario Brothers-Mario, Luigi, Goomba--$2

1991 Mystery of the Lost Arches-Magnifyier, Phone/Periscope, Camera, Flashlight/Telescope--$1

1992 Back to the Future-Marty, Doc, Einstein, Guy in the Tub--$4 set

1992 Behind the Scenes-rainbow Viewer--$2

1992 Cabbage Patch Kids-All dressed up Red Party dress, Fun on Ice, Tiny Dancer, Holiday Dreamer--$1ea

1992 101 Dalmations-Cruells Deville, Lucky, Pongo, Colonel & Sgt. Tibbs--$1ea

1992 Barbie-My First Ballerina, Sparkle eyes, Rappin and rockin, Birthday Surprise, Sun Sensation, Rollerblade, Rose Bride--$2ea

1992 Batman-Penguin in Umbrella, Cat women in Cat coupe, Batmobile--$1ea

1992 Halloween McNugget Buddies-McBoo, Frankenstein, Mummie--$4ea

1992 Hot Wheels Mini Streex III-Racer tracer--$2ea

1992 M-Squad-Spynoculars, Spy Coder, Spy Tracker Watch--$1ea

1992 Potatoe Head Kids-Spike--$5ea

1992 Field Trip-Prism Viewer, Manifyer--$1

1992 Superheros-Petunia Pig as Wonder Pig, Taz as Devil--$3ea

1992 Tonkas-Backhoe, Cement Mixer, Grader, Bulldozer--$2ea

1992 Wild Friends-Elephant--$3(no cover on book. Starts at title page)

1993Batman Animated-Poison Ivy, Joker, 2-face, batman/batmissle--$1ea

1993 Barbie-Hollywood Hair, Western Stampin, Romantic Bride, Paint & Dazzle, Birthday Barbie, Secret Hearts--$3ea

1993 Tiny Toons-Babs Bunny, Elmyra, Sweetie, Go Go Do Do, Plucky Duck, Montana Max, Taz--$1ea

1993 Dinosaurs in Motion-Grandma, Baby, Earl, Charlene--$2ea

1993 Nickelodeon Game Gadgets-Loud mouth mike, Blimp, clapper, sprayer--$1ea

1993 Food Fundamentals-Otis Toast, Milly Milk, Ruby Apple--$1ea

1993 Hot Wheels-Dragster, Funnycar--$2ea

1993 Quack-up cars-Bugs in Stretch Limo, Porky in Ghost Catcher, Daffy Duck, Taz--$1ea

1993 Snow White-Snow White w/well, Prince on horse, Witch--$3eal; Dopey & Sneezy, Bashful, Doc, sleepy, Happy and Grumpy on seesaw--$1ea

1993 Totally toy Holiday-Mighty Max, Key Force Truck, Attack Pack, U-3 Key Force Car--$1ea

1993 Totally toy Holiday-Magic Nursery, Lil Miss candy Stripe, Polly Pocket, Sally Secrets Black, Sally Secrets White--$1ea

1994 Animainiacs-Yakko riding Ralph, Bicycle built for three, Dot Ice Cream Wagon, Goodskate Good Feathers, Pinky & Brain, Upside Down Yakko, Mindy & Buttons, slappy & Skippy chopper--$1ea

1994 Amazing Wildlife-Koala, Monkey, Baby Tiger, Tortoise, Elephant--$1ea

1994 Bobby's World-Innertube/Submarine, Skate, Roller coaster, Car/Car--$1ea;

1994 Cabbage Patch-Michelle Elyse, Abigal Lynn, Mimi Kristina, Kimberly Katherine--$1ea

1994 Mickey and Friends at Epcot-Mickey in USA, Minnie in Japan, Daisy in Germany, Donald in Mexico, Dale in Morraco, Pluto in France, Goofy, Chip--$2ea

1994 Sonic in the Hedgehog-Knuckles, dr. Robotrik, Sonic--$1ea

1994 Magic School Bus-Yellow bus, Undersea Adventure, In the Solar System--$1ea

1994 Earthdays-Binoculars--$1ea

1994 Hotwheels-X21J Cruiser, Black Cat, Street Shocker, 2-Cool--$2ea

1994 Muppet Workshop-Dog, Monster, What-Not, Bird--$2ea

1994 Making Movies-Sound effects, Movie Camera, Megaphone--$1ea

1994 Barbie-Bicyclin, Camp Barbie, Camp Theresa, Locket Surprise Barbie, Locket Surprise Ken, Jewel & Glitter Bride, Bridesmaid Skipper--$2ea

1995 Spiderman-Scorpian Stingers, Spidermobile, Hobgoblin landglider, Venom Transporter, Steve Parker--$1ea

1995 Disneyland 40th Anniversary Parade-Roger rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, aladdin, splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise(some wear), Lion King--$1ea

1995 Space Rescue-Astroviewer, Lunar Grabber, Space Slate, Transmitter--$1ea

1995 Polly Pocket-Watch, Wrist Watch, Houses--$1ea

1995 Masterpiece Video-Merlin(no box), Cinderella(no box), Snow White(no box), Baloo(No Box), Robin Hood(no box), Alice in Wonderland(no box)--$1ea

1995 Attack Pack-Truck, Battle Bird, Lunr Invader, Sea Creature--$1ea

1995 Busy World of Richard scary-Worm in apple, Huckle Cat in Car & School, Lowly Worm and Post Office, Bannana Gorrilla and Grocery Store--$2ea

1995 Barbies- Bubble Angel, Hot Skatin, Cool Country Barbie, Butterfly Princess, On Horse--$2ea

1995 Muppet Boats-Ms. Piggy, Kermit, Hooknose--$1ea

1995 Animainiacs w accordian tubes-Two hippos, dog on baby carriage, mouse on bulldozer, pinky on anvil, rocket truck, skippy chopper, Firetruck, Warner Brother's Rocket--$1ea

1995 What shall I be for Halloween-Grimace w Ghost Costume, Ronald in Frankenstein costume, Birdie in Pumpkin Outfit--$3ea

1995 Power Rangers the movie-Watch, belt buckle, gold prism necklace, Siren Alien Detector--$2ea

1995 Power Rangers and Vehicles-White, Pink, Yellow--$3ea

1995 Totally Toy Holiday-Polly Pocket House, Mighty Max, North Polar Explorer, Once Upon a Dream, Fisher Price Once upon a dream princess, Fisher Price Great Adventure Knight with Green Dragon, Cabbage Patch Kids--$1ea

1996 Aladdin-Aladdin w/backdrop, Prince w/backdrop, Holy Man w/backdrop, Bad guy w/ backdrop, bird on gold w/backdrop, Princess w/backdrop--$3ea

1996 Dalmation Snow Domes-101 sign with pups in O--$4ea (101 is sealed in Bag but no box, Mint Condition), Sled with pups in dome--$4ea

1996 Barbie-Mexico Barbie, Kenyan Barbie, USA Barbie, Dutch Barbie, Japanese Barbie--$2

1996 Eric Carle Finger Puppets-Ladybug, Apple w worm, Fire fly, very quiet cricket, hermit crab, spider in web--$1ea

1996 Fisher Price U-3 toys-Dog house, Ronald in Mchouse--$2ea

1996 Power rangers the Movie-Transmitter, Whistle, Watch--$1ea

1996 Halloween McNuggets-Ronald, Rocker, Dragon, Fairy Princess, Monster, Spider--$2ea

1996 Babe-Babe, Cow, Maw, Mouse--$1ea

1996 Space Jam-Babs bunny, Bugs bunny, Daffy, Taz, Green Monster, Marvin the Martian, sylvester & Tweety, Monster w/ 6 eyes--$.75ea

1996 Rodeo-Grimace on Bucking Horse--$2ea

1996 Marvel-Invisible Women, Red Motorcycle, Blue Tank, spidermobile, Hulk, wolverine, Storm--$1ea

1996 Masterpiece Video-Robinhood(with case)--$2ea

1996 Tonks/My Little Pony-Purple Pony, Yellow Dragon--$.75

1996 VR Trooper-Camera/Kalidascope--$.75

1997 Aminal Pals-Panda--$1.50ea

1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame-Hugo Whistle, Jester Drum, Hunchback with Bird's nest, Hunchback in Amulet--$1ea

1997 Jungle Book-Mowgli, Kaa the Snake, King Louie, Grey Cat,Baloo

1997 Masterpiece Videos-Three Caballeros(with case)--$2.00ea

1997 Mighty Ducks-Nosedive, Mallory Wildwing, duke L Orange--$1ea

1997 Skydancers-Yellow Wings-Green Base--$2


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